The Muay Thai Teep (Technique of the Week)

The Teep, if used correctly, is one of the strongest weapons in your Muay Thai arsenal. Whether to establish range, stop an incoming opponent or disrupt rhythm, the teep is incredibly versatile and at times often hugely underrated.

Like all techniques there are a variety of ways to use the teep, each with different purposes depending on positioning, timing and more – you can teep from the hip or from the knee and can teep to the leg, the body or even the face! Here we are focusing on some of the elements that make a simple teep to the body which can be used to block an incoming opponent or disrupt rhythm.

Below are a few things we believe to be super important in perfecting your teep.

  1. Your supporting foot is flat – when used defensively the teep is used to stop an incoming opponent as they move towards you. As a result there is a lot of force coming in your direction and even more so if your opponent is throwing an attack. In order to keep your balance make sure your supporting foot is flat to the floor with your supporting toes angling away (or to the side) from your opponent – this will help you to keep your balance whilst making contact with your opponent.
  2. Stay within your range (don’t overcommit) – the teep is a great weapon, but if you get your distance wrong it is very easy to fall off balance. Keep your posture and minimise your chance of being countered by staying straight above your supporting leg and not over committing to the kick.
  3. Stay square (to an extent) – planning to teep ‘hard’? Be careful not to rotate your shoulders and chest too much! If your teep is parried, caught or side stepped you could find yourself off balance and open. Instead, try keeping your shoulders and chest square to your opponent, that way if you are parried or your teep is caught you have better control and are able to recover more efficiently.

There are so many variations to the teep that you can spend months drilling one style only to discover another! Like always, practice makes perfect.

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