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Synonymous with Muay Thai is the Mongkon. Worn on the head of fighters prior to competition, the Mongkon holds great importance to teachers, students and their gym. A Mongkon is typically adorned with various materials and items which can include, amongst other things, material with a sentimental value to a trainer or fighter, Pha Yant (a sprititual cloth), amulets and more.

For those new to Muay Thai, you will notice the Mongkon is worn during the Wai Khru Ram Muay, a pre-fight dance/ritual. A fighter will then receive a pre-fight blessing and the Mongkon removed and placed high on the corner of the ring prior to the fight starting.

A Mongkon is often one of the most respected items of a Muay Thai gym, as can be seen by its pride of place in the gym and the respect shown to its handling and placement.

The Muay U Mongkon was created using a hand woven Pha Kao Ma/Pakama (a Thai multipurpose loincloth), an amulet depicting Hanuman (The Monkey General, regarded for his strength and power and depicted often in Thai culture in the Ramakien – an important part of Thai literature derived from the Ramayana, a Sanskrit epic) and various Pha Yant. It is circled by hand written Yant and has been blessed in Thailand and here in Australia by Theravada Buddhist Monks.

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